Robby Cox - Teacher of the Year

I would like to announce Richmond Heights Middle Schools 2020 Teacher of the Year Mr. Robby Cox. 
This is Mr. Cox’s fourth year at Richmond Heights Middle School teaching Agriculture, Coding and Robotics.  Agriculture is his passion and is currently working on a hydroponics lab were his students will be able to grow, harvest, and market our better than organic, hydroponically grown herbs he calls “House Herbs from the Heights”.  When Mr. Cox is not in the hydroponic lab he spends time between the Miami-Dade County Youth Fair, Fairchild Tropical’ s, “The Fairchild Challenge”, “The Million Orchid Project”,  at Fairchild Tropical, and the FFA.  He enjoys doing anything outdoors, watching sports, and cooking with friends and family.  Please congratulate Mr. Cox on being nominated our 2020 RHMS Teacher of the Year.