Zoology Magnet Program

The Science Zoo Magnet Program affords students an opportunity to study a rigorous curriculum which explores, in depth, many branches of science related to the zoo and our technological world.

Students will experience the fun, adventure and excitement of learning in Zoo Miami’s 290 acre “science classroom”, with more than 1200 exotic animals in cage-less habitats. They will take learning safaris into unique environments ranging from Asian jungles to African plains. Participating students will work and study with a select group of enthusiastic classmates who have a keen interest in science and its applications to animals and their environment.

Unique Program Features

  • State of the art science laboratory and science equipment
  • Specialized course offerings
  • Seminar, cluster programs, flexible scheduling and utilization of community resources
  • Computer- assisted instruction
  • Unique field trips
  • Opportunity for acceleration in science and mathematics for advanced high school classes
  • Internships at Jungle Island and Monkey Jungle
  • Two-hour block science research
  • Study science on grounds of Zoo Miami

The Middle School Concept

  • Philosophy: Child-centered; holistic knowledge is developed; thinking skills are priority goals; safety is essential; student’ developmental needs are important.
  • Curriculum: Academic excellence/ social competence-academic core, exploration and development programs.
  • Organization: Interdisciplinary teams; advisement program; flexible block scheduling; team planning and shared decision making; exploratory and developmental experience-elective classes, wheels and exploration credits, mini-courses, clubs, activities, intramurals;
  • Implementation Strategies: Cooperative learning; interdisciplinary teaching styles; differentiated instruction; student services and career planning systems; home-school partnership and communications.